A-J Junior Wildcat Lady Wrestlers Competitive Against Both Girls And Boys

Three of the A-J Junior Wildcats Wrestling Club’s lady wrestlers just finished a very successful weekend of tournaments in O’Fallon and Triad.  All three placed not only in all-girl divisions but in open divisions that include both boys and girls.

Seven-year-old Zoee Sadler placed first in the girl’s division and second in the open division at both tournaments.  Her combined record over the weekend was 8-2.

“This weekend put Zoee at 32 wins for the season,” said club president Rollie Hawk.  “That’s pretty remarkable for anyone at that age.  It’s too bad the IKWF doesn’t have sectionals for kids eight-and-under because I think she’d do really well.”

Nine-year-old Madilyn Hawk placed fourth in the open division at O’Fallon and took third in the girl’s division after defeating a sixteen-year-old in a stunning upset.  At Triad she took first in the girl’s division and second in the open and finished the weekend with a combined record of 5-5.

“Madi was definitely on her game this weekend,” explained Hawk.  “She more than doubled her wins for the season.  Watching her as a fourth grader pull off a win against a high school girl was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.”

Thirteen-year-old Catie Mays finished fifth in the open and first in the girl’s division at O’Fallon.  She finished third in the open division at Triad.  She also achieved her season goal of breaking the 20-win mark.

Father and head coach Grover Mays is especially proud of Catie’s success and the example it shows.

“There is not one kid that works harder, has more determination or heart than her. If you know her, you know how hard she has had to work to get to this point.”

Hawk and Mays are hopeful to take all their club’s lady wrestlers to the IKWF Girl’s State Tournament in Yorkville next month.